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Choosing Concrete Stain Colors

imagesThe best attribute to stained concrete is that the color is permanent and will not fade, thus making it especially important to choose the color wisely. You will want to select something that complements your current decorating scheme but that will also lend itself to a change in decor.

Picking the best color scheme will be easier if you ask yourself a few questions first: What color effect do I want to achieve?…varigated or more opaque tones, uniform tones? Is my overall design scheme rustic or modern? Will the color complement the walls or exterior of my home?

Acid-based chemical stains are more limited in their pallets than water-based stains. However, their earthy tones are well suited for accentuating the concretes natural characteristics, resulting in a rich patina, organic tone.

Water-based acrylic stains have a broad spectrum of hues. Most manufacturers offer a wide array of tones, including metallic (if you’re into that sort of thing.)

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How To Clean Your Concrete Floors

Concrete flooring is becoming more popular with homeowners due to its durability and stain resistance. The proper cleaning technique for your concrete flooring depends on what type of concrete flooring you have: is it decorative concrete (the type that may be in your entryway or patio) or is it standard (the type that you’d find in a garage.)

thDecorative Concrete

If you’re cleaning your decorative concrete flooring, what you’ll need for the job is standard household cleaning items such as a mop and bucket, dust mop and a mild cleaner. First, make sure all the debris and dust is picked up. Use your vacuum then follow with a dust mop. Then, using warm water and a small amount of mild cleanser (do not use ammonia or vinegar as it may damage the finish) begin mopping in small circular segments.

thStandard Concrete

The standard concrete in your garage, along with regular sweeping, needs annual deep cleaning. What you’ll need for this job is a push broom, Shop-Vac, hose with spray nozzle attachment, dry granular cleaner such as household cleanser and most importantly, a power washer. Then, after sweeping and vacuuming the debris, hit the surface with your garden hose and nozzle, starting at the back and working your way forward, hose off the surface. After this process, sprinkle the cleanser on the floor surface and using your push broom, work the cleanser into the surface. Now comes the fun part, take your power washer, turn it on and let it rip. The pressure of the water will take that cleanser into the little crevices, cleaning and rinsing away all the ground in debris, dirt and other particles. If you don’t have a power washer, you can generally find them at hardware stores or big box retailers. If you can’t find one, the garden hose and jet nozzle spray will work…just not as well. Please check your local city regulations. You don’t want runoff entering the storm drains.

If your concrete, whether decorative or standard needs more than just a good cleaning, call the professionals at S&S Construction.