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Concrete driveways offer durability and curb appeal but require a skilled and qualified contractor.  This is why its of the utmost importance to do your research and ultimately hire the right concrete contractor for your job.  These following recommendation will assist you in selecting the best concrete contractor for your home.

  • Get a quote.  Most contractors can and probably will, provide you a quote over the telephone, sight unseen. However, how can they expect to provide an accurate estimate if they haven’t measured the job? Make sure they come to your home to see exactly what is entailed, the size of the area and the architectural style of your home.
  • Concrete can crack. Most qualified concrete contractors understand why concrete cracks and the role of control joints to help prevent these cracks.  Control joints allow the material to flex without breaking.
  • Discuss the driveway installation. Concrete driveway installation isn’t as simple as pouring concrete and letting it dry.  Compacting the soil is a vital part of the process and a qualified contractor will understand this step.
  • Talk about potential problems.  Discuss with your contractor, what the plan will be if any problems arise. Specifically ask how they handled any follow-up work to correct any problems.  You could ask for references, which is usually a good idea.  However, chances are that the contractor is going to give you the best customers as references so you need to be careful.

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