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Remodel Safety Tips For Your Family | Concrete Construction Victorville

How to Keep Your Family And Pets Out of Danger During a Remodel

Everyone here at S&S Construction & Restoration pride ourselves on not only our workmanship but safety as well…

Here are a few tips that will help keep your family safe-and your project running smoothly.

Keeping children safe

Home-remodeling construction areas can be very attractive to young children. Kids will often hang around work areas and ask the crew hundreds of questions. To keep the area safe, crews should restrict access to the areas they are working in by asking them not to pass the yellow tape. The homeowners and parents need to also take an active part in keeping children safe.

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), recommends designating an area away from the work site for play and toy storage. Be sure to explain to your children which areas are off limits and that they should never play around with materials or with the contractors’ tools and machinery.

Communicating with your contractor is also very important. Before work begins, inform the contractor of the number of children in the house, their ages, and whether any are particularly mischief-prone.

Be sure to find out when large equipment and orders of building materials are being delivered. You might consider taking a family outing on those days if possible.

I’m sure this has never happened…but NARI suggests that parents do not leave children alone under a contractors’ care while going out to run errands. Your contractor is not your babysitter.

Control hazardous materials

Before your project starts, be aware of potentially toxic materials on the job site. Lead paint, asbestos, mold, and even dust could be health hazards during a remodel, especially if the project includes demolition. Keep children and pets out of areas where those hazards exist and away from toxic chemicals, such as paint strippers.

Make sure to ask your contractor what steps will be taken-to avoid creating indoor pollutants and how they will contain those that can’t be avoided.

Additional safety guidelines

  • Assign separate doors – If possible, designate one entrance through which work crews carry tools and materials and another for you and your family to use exclusively during the project.
  • Protect your pets – A dog or cat underfoot is a hazard to both you and your pet. Keep pets away from work areas, preferably in a closed room away from the supply-door entrance.
  • Safely store tools and materials – Be sure your contractor keeps dangerous items, such as tools, ladders, and hazardous materials, out of children’s reach at all times, especially at the end of the workday.
  • Securing the work area – Ensure that you or your contractor secure any holes or pits in the wall, floor, or yard at the end of the day.
  • Hang plastic sheeting or tarps around the work area – This simple step helps prevent pollutants, dust, and debris from travelling throughout the house.
  • Look for lead paint – The older your home, the greater the chance it has lead-based paint, a threat even if you’ve laid lead-free coats over it. If the paint is scraped, sanded, lead can become airborne and make it in to your body or contaminate the soil around your home. Children are especially vulnerable to dust that can get on toys and hands and, eventually, in the mouth. The first step is having the area tested for lead-based paint. The Environmental Protection Agency does not recommend home-use testing kits. Instead, it suggests hiring a trained inspector to test surfaces on-site. If lead-based paint is present, the agency recommends hiring a professional to prep the surface. The EPA’s brochure “Reducing Lead Hazards when Remodeling Your Home” offers suggestions on finding an inspector as well as information on what to look for in a remediation contractor.
  • Mist surfaces – A fine coat of water sprayed on surfaces before sanding or scraping keeps dust from becoming airborne.
  • Work outside – When at all possible, paint, stain, and finish building materials outside and bring them in after they are dry.
  • Control carpet VOCs – Unroll and air carpets before installation, and use low-emitting adhesives if needed.
  • Ventilate – Air out the work area and the rest of your home during and after a remodel. Position window fans so that they blow out instead of in. If your home has central air conditioning or heat, DO NOT run the systems when works are sanding or scraping.  Also change the filters as often as once a week to keep dust from spreading throughout the house. The NARI also suggests that short getaways be planned while the home is airing out. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency offers guidelines on indoor-air-quality concerns during remodeling.
  • Be aware of rodent droppings – Droppings are sometimes exposed during demolition and can spread viruses. Be sure to eliminate all of the droppings, taking proper precautions when doing so.

Deciding to remodel your house can be both exciting and a little frightening. You have a vision of how beautiful it will look when you are finished, but remodeling can be dangerous. All projects, big and small, have their hazards. As long as you take the proper precautions and educate yourself on the task at hand, the remodel should go pretty smoothly.


Concrete Color | Changing Concrete Color | Decorative Concrete

Colored ConcreteHow to Change the Color of Concrete

Changing the color of concrete is a relatively low cost option for updating your exterior landscaping. If the concrete has already been poured, your best option is a stain application. Thoroughly clean and dry the surface before beginning the staining process will result in a nice even finish. Keep in mind though, that because concrete is so porous, it’ll immeidately soak up the color and you won’t be able to change it…so, make sure you like the color before beginning.

If new concrete is being poured, adding a tint or dye directly into the mix will ensure that the color goes all the way through

Design Trends 2019 | Decorative Concrete| Stamped Concrete

Design Trends 2019Design Trends 2019: what’s in and what’s out

When deciding on home renovation, its important to consider the year’s design trends.  Below is a list of those design trends for 2019 and what’s in and out.

What’s In:

  • Less is More: Think sustainability. Use timeless materials and not trends
  • Feminine Tones:  Think blushes, rose tones or pink tones
  • Floiral Fabrics/Wallpapers: These have stood the test of time. They’re not your grandmother’s floral wallpaper.
  • Bold Black Bathrooms: Think spa-inspired, indulgent, high-end

What’s Out:

  • Clutter: You don’t want too many things going on. Overdoing it causes chaos.
  • Gender specific rooms: Gone are the days of blue for boys and pink for girls. Think yellows, greens, or try Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019 Living Coral
  • Statement Upholstery: single piece upholstery, especially jewel tones, is OU.T.
  • Minamilist Art: People are getting bored of sterile and minimalist spaces. Inject some personality and make it interesting.

Contact S&S Construction to explore design options, 760.559.2667

Decorative Concrete Patters | Concrete Overlay | Stamped Concrete

Sprayed-Concrete-Custom-Construction-remodel-inland-empire-high-desert-S&SDecorative Concrete Patterns

The facade of your home should be considered when choosing a pattern for your stamped concrete or concrete overlay. At a first glance, most people would assume that if you have a brick house then you should choose a brick pattern for your patio or pool deck, or if you have a rock house, you should have a rock sidewalk. While it seems good in theory, it is not necessarily the right decision. The problem with trying to match a material on your house is that if it doesn’t match perfectly, it will make your new concrete look like an afterthought that doesn’t quite match the original house.

Pavers | Patio and Concrete Installation | Patio Renovation

Patio and Concrete Installation

So you’ve decided to renovate your patio but aren’t sure about the process. Poured concrete or pavers? Check out this video to see a patio renovation in progress and then call the professionals at S&S Construction Restoration, 760.559.2667. Guaranteed Quality: Built to last a Lifetime

Fire Restoration Contractor | House Fire | Water Damage Restoration

Fire Restoration by S&S ConstructionFire Restoration: getting back to normal and quickly

Experiencing a home fire can be a devastating and frightening experience and one that can seem overwhelming when dealing with the aftermath. Postponing fire restoration can result in the damage becoming worse and eventually costing a considerable amount of money for repairs.  However, making the restoration a priority can help avoid costly repairs and long term damage. The most important step in this process is contacting a fire restoration contractor.

Fire restoration contractors specialize in the restoration process, are trained to handle the damage that comes with home fires and can reduce the risk of further damage. Fire restoration contractors will work diligently to salvage as many of your belongings as possible and they will work quickly to return you to your home as quickly as possible. It is recommended to go through your homeowners insurance company for reliable fire restoration contractors as there often times are “fire chasers” that pray on those who are most vulnerable.  If you choose to select a contractor on your own, make sure to do thorough investigation and reference checks. Also, verify all licenses and insurance are up to date and there are no mechanic’s liens on their business.

Getting back to normal after a house fire is a long road but can be done with relative ease, with the right help.  If you find yourself needing the expertise of a license, insured fire restoration contractor, please contact S&S Construction Restoration, (760) 559-2667.


Complete Custom Concrete Construction | Concrete Contractor Victorville

custom-concrete-fire-pit-construction-remodel-high-desertAt S&S Construction Restoration our main goal is to make our customers happy. We strive to bring our expertise to every project, to ensure that your patio or driveway is not just any patio or driveway, but the patio or driveway you imagined. One with the color and texture you had always envisioned. We like to guide our home owners through the myriad of materials and styles available for their project, and in that way each project can be truly suited to their needs. When we marry our knowledge with your dreams we build a living space that goes from “everyday” to “extraordinary.”

The construction process really begins with our initial consultation. This is where we meet with a home owner to get a sense of what it is they are looking to achieve. We take into account not only their needs but also their wishes. The goal here is to go further than simply asking what you want done and writing up an estimate. Anyone can do that. We listen to how you are planning to use the space we build for you. We look at the style of your home, the size of your yard, and see if you already have any stone or concrete work around that this new project will need to complement.

Once we have worked out the type of project you are looking into we can move forward with design options. We want you to picture the finished product and the feeling it will inspire. If you are looking for a patio, imagine sitting out on a cool summer evening, toasting marshmallows with your family over a fire pit. If you are looking into a driveway, imagine friends or family driving up a rustic cobblestone path as you welcome them back. What colors do you see? What type of finish? When you have a picture in mind of what your project will look like, we can show you what you will need to make it the perfect fit just for you.

There are several avenues we take when it comes to choosing materials and a design for your project. We do this so that you are aware of all of your options and to maximize the customization of your project.

There are countless ways to make your project  one-of-a-kind. For instance, many of our customers looking into a concrete project do not realize that we can use various colors and sealers to transform a classic looking concrete into one specifically made to match their home. Some customers come to us hoping for a paver like finish but needing to be more practical with cost. In these situations we recommend a stamped concrete. With all of the stamp patterns to choose from we are sure you can find a way to get the look you are after.

Similarly, there are an infinite number of ways to customize your project through the use of different pavers and stones. Not only is there a whole slew of colors to choose from, but there are hundreds of sizes and finishes as well. We can even show you all manner of patterns from a time-honored herringbone to a more unexpected circle pattern. And let’s not forget the innumerable combinations these colors and patterns can be fit together to create your particular project.

Other notable options include water features and ponds, fire pits, and stone work. Just imagine how relaxing it would be to sit in your own back yard, listening to a bubbling fountain or the flow of a waterfall.  Maybe you are interested in incorporating some interestingly shaped stones into a modern yet natural looking statue. Or perhaps your family likes to camp out for mini “staycations, ” in which case a fire pit would be perfect for sitting around and roasting hot dogs. Each of these additions would not only make your home beautiful, but more importantly, they would make your home more usable for the way you live.

Just as every person is unique, so is every home. We want your home to represent you and your tastes, and we achieve that by customizing your project into a must-see feature of your home. Your ideas of a backyard oasis or a simple, clean-cut driveway no longer need to be a fantasy. With all of the various colors, textures, and shapes available the only limit to what we can do is your imagination. Let us use our background with your creativity and together we can build a one-of-a-kind space that is yours to enjoy for many years to come.

Types Of Custom Concrete Victorville | Concrete Construction Victorville

long-narrow-concrete-above-ground-modern-pools-high-desert-s&sconstructionColor, style, texture, patterns, borders, design…these are the attributes that make up custom concrete. Nearly any concrete surface can be customized so long as there is no major repair work needed for areas that are heaving, deteriorating or that have large cracks.

What custom concrete is not: Concrete that is uncolored, without texture, and serves only a utilitarian purpose is not custom. Rather, custom concrete includes color, style, texture, patterns, borders, and designs that are part of the concrete’s surface.

To learn how to transform your concrete from utilitarian gray to a unique, decorative surface, consider the following six options.

Colored Concrete

Colored concrete is the most popular form of custom concrete. By adding color to concrete, you change plain gray concrete to a type of custom concrete. Colored concrete can be achieved by adding pigment to the concrete mix, called integrally colored concrete, or by applying a coloring agent, known as color hardener, dry shake, or dust on color, to the surface of the concrete when it is first placed. Integral color can be a bit more cost effective, but color hardener provides a wider selection of colors and increased surface durability. No matter which direction you choose, colored concrete is a nice, easy, and cost effective way to customize your next concrete job.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete, also known as patterned or imprinted concrete, is probably the most recognized type of custom concrete. Having started as decorative upgrades on a few custom homes in Carmel, California in the late 1950’s, today stamped concrete is available in every corner of the world, in almost every stone, tile or rock texture imaginable. Combining color, texture and pattern, concrete is transformed into a truly custom product that enhances any hardscape or interior space it occupies.

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete can be further broken down into categories such as acid staining, dyed concrete, and tinted sealers. While each aforementioned type of stain provides a different color palette and look, what they have in common is that they are applied after the concrete is at least a month old. These products are designed to give almost any type of concrete a custom look and feel after it is placed and cured. These products can produce finishes ranging from translucent to opaque, high gloss to matte. If you are looking for a way to dress up concrete that is already down, then consider one of the many types of concrete stains, dyes or tinted sealers available on the market today.

Decorative Overlays

Decorative overlays are the lesser known, but not any less custom, segment of the decorative concrete world. Having gained popularity in the last ten years, overlays are designed to go over plain or worn concrete surfaces without having to replace the existing concrete. When existing concrete is in good shape structurally, but lacks the look, texture, color or pattern you desire, overlays are a great way to customize without rip out and replace. Surface preparation is the key with any overlay application. Overlays range in thickness from that of a credit card to 1-inch, and can be glass smooth or imprinted to resemble stamped concrete. Most overlays also accept stains, which expands the color, and customization you can achieve even that much more.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops and precast concrete describes custom concrete that is poured into a mold to assume certain shapes or forms. Concrete countertops have become quite the rage, with multiple companies specializing in just that one discipline. Precast concrete and concrete countertops combine any number of custom elements to achieve concrete that resembles works of art as much as a countertop, chair, fireplace surround, or bathtub. If you can dream it, it’s a pretty good bet custom precast concrete can fill that void – no pun intended.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is the latest and hottest trend in custom concrete. Polishing stone has been around since antiquity, so why not polish manmade stone – concrete? With the recent improvements in equipment and process, polished concrete provides a cost effective alternative to other flooring surfaces, primarily for spaces. The process of polishing involves grinding or micro-scratching concrete with subsequently finer diamond pads until the level of gloss and hardness is achieved. At about the midpoint of the process, chemicals that harden and densify the concrete are applied, as well as stains or dyes if a truly custom look is desired. The other benefit of polished concrete is the ease of maintenance, since no topical sealers are applied. If the customized look of polished stone under foot is what you want, then polished concrete provides the solution.

Water Damage After Fire Victorville | Fire And Water Damage Restoration Victorville | S&S Construction And Restoration Victorville

house-fire-water-damage-restoration-high-desert-s&s-constructionHidden Water Damage That Occurs After a Fire

When a fire devastates your home, avoid further structural damage by taking immediate action to prevent hidden water damage.

Post-fire water damage can go unnoticed for years, hidden below the surface of walls and floorboards. If left unrepaired, structural damage can become irreversible and the health of you and your family could be compromised. Learning how to recognize the signs of hidden water damage can help you protect your home and your loved ones.

After the Fire

After a fire, you need to file a claim with your insurance as soon as possible so they can compensate you for repairs. The first thing your insurance provider will do, once your fire damage coverage has been determined, is encourage you to hire a professional fire damage restoration company to clean and restore your home.

Before restoration can begin, the structure of your home will be assessed to ensure that it is safe to enter. The restoration team can then remove all items that were destroyed in the fire and begin the cleaning process. While the cleanup may vary depending on the level of damage, the average fire restoration process often involves:

  • Removing lingering smoke to prevent further staining and damage
  • Deep cleaning soot or debris out from the walls, floors, and panels
  • Ventilating and checking the air quality to ensure safety
  • Assessing the ceiling or piping for any free-floating asbestos
  • Removing, repairing, or replacing any damaged components

The Hidden Dangers of Water Damage

Unfortunately, cleaning up after a fire is not the only step in the restoration process. The water it takes to put out a large fire can often cause water damage to your home. Bacteria and mold can start growing immediately in floorboards, walls, and ceilings if the water is not immediately extracted.

However, signs of water damage are often neglected, as they are not always easily seen. Even if there are no visible signs after a fire, it is important to get a professional water damage assessment to reduce the risk of any future problems.

Water damage is not only potentially fatal to the structure of your home, it can also significantly damage your health. If water is left in your home for too long, mold, mildew and bacteria can grow. Most molds will eventually discolor walls and weaken the foundation of a home.

Although some types of mold do not pose any significant health risks, black mold can be extremely dangerous. The spores from black mold produce toxic odors and lead to serious health issues in humans and animals, such as nausea, breathing problems, and even cardiac arrest.

Seek Professional Water Damage Restoration

Cleaning and repairing extensive water damage requires a professional restoration company’s experience, training, and equipment. A company that consistently deals with fire and water damage restoration in Arkansas will inspect the entirety of your house for water damage, from the floorboards and walls to the basement and attic.

If you notice any indicators of water damage, call S&S Construction & Restoration today at 760-559-2667 for a free consultation. Our team of experts provide water and fire damage restoration services in the high desert that protect you and your family from hidden dangers.

Fire Rebuilding And Restoration Inland Empire | Victorville Concrete

S&S-construction-restoration-fire-damageRebuilding Your Home After Fire

Fire can be the most destructive force on your home. What is not destroyed by the fire can be damaged or destroyed by smoke and water. Repairing fire damage requires careful attention to detail. Your home is most likely your largest asset and you cannot cut corners when it comes to rebuilding and restoring your investment. Repairing fire damage is not a job for the average contractor.

Contract the services of S&S Construction Restoration Inc. to restore your home and request a detailed estimate. Rebuilding the home will require several additional steps to ensure that safety issues are taken care of and the home’s structure is as safe and secure as it ever was.

Should the worst happen, S&S Construction Restoration Inc. will take every step necessary to make your home as safe and beautiful as it was before the fire. Contact us (760) 559-2667 as soon as your home has been affected by smoke or fire and we will evaluate the damage and prepare an itemized estimate. As with all disaster restoration (storm, water, smoke or fire) we provide 24 hour emergency service – 7 days a week.

Our last bit of advice is to be prepared before a disaster strikes your home. Of course you have insured your investment, but you need to do more. Creating a home inventory before disaster strikes is an excellent way to expedite the insurance claims process after a fire loss. This record of your insurable assets will not only help you in the settlement of a covered loss or claim, but will also help verify tax-deductible property losses and determine the right amount of insurance coverage you need.