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Sustainability ConstructionPrecise definitions of sustainable construction vary.  In the U.S. , the EPA defines sustainable construction as “the practice of creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstruction.”  Key concepts of sustainable construction include the protection of the natural environment, choice of non-toxic materials, reduction and reuse of resources and waste minimization.

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S&S ConstructionS&S Construction is your full service specialty contractor.  Our design consultants can assist you with every phase of your project. From concept to design to execution, S&S Construction is with you every step of the way. Your home is your biggest investment so why not use it to its full advantage? Whether you’re looking at renovation to sell or just for a face-lift, S&S Construction is your contractor of choice.  Call us today and let’s begin the transforamtion process.  S&S Construction (760) 559-2667

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Colored ConcreteHow to Change the Color of Concrete

Changing the color of concrete is a relatively low cost option for updating your exterior landscaping. If the concrete has already been poured, your best option is a stain application. Thoroughly clean and dry the surface before beginning the staining process will result in a nice even finish. Keep in mind though, that because concrete is so porous, it’ll immeidately soak up the color and you won’t be able to change it…so, make sure you like the color before beginning.

If new concrete is being poured, adding a tint or dye directly into the mix will ensure that the color goes all the way through

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Design Trends 2019Design Trends 2019: what’s in and what’s out

When deciding on home renovation, its important to consider the year’s design trends.  Below is a list of those design trends for 2019 and what’s in and out.

What’s In:

  • Less is More: Think sustainability. Use timeless materials and not trends
  • Feminine Tones:  Think blushes, rose tones or pink tones
  • Floiral Fabrics/Wallpapers: These have stood the test of time. They’re not your grandmother’s floral wallpaper.
  • Bold Black Bathrooms: Think spa-inspired, indulgent, high-end

What’s Out:

  • Clutter: You don’t want too many things going on. Overdoing it causes chaos.
  • Gender specific rooms: Gone are the days of blue for boys and pink for girls. Think yellows, greens, or try Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019 Living Coral
  • Statement Upholstery: single piece upholstery, especially jewel tones, is OU.T.
  • Minamilist Art: People are getting bored of sterile and minimalist spaces. Inject some personality and make it interesting.

Contact S&S Construction to explore design options, 760.559.2667

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Patio and Concrete Installation

So you’ve decided to renovate your patio but aren’t sure about the process. Poured concrete or pavers? Check out this video to see a patio renovation in progress and then call the professionals at S&S Construction Restoration, 760.559.2667. Guaranteed Quality: Built to last a Lifetime

Fire Restoration Contractor | House Fire | Water Damage Restoration

Fire Restoration by S&S ConstructionFire Restoration: getting back to normal and quickly

Experiencing a home fire can be a devastating and frightening experience and one that can seem overwhelming when dealing with the aftermath. Postponing fire restoration can result in the damage becoming worse and eventually costing a considerable amount of money for repairs.  However, making the restoration a priority can help avoid costly repairs and long term damage. The most important step in this process is contacting a fire restoration contractor.

Fire restoration contractors specialize in the restoration process, are trained to handle the damage that comes with home fires and can reduce the risk of further damage. Fire restoration contractors will work diligently to salvage as many of your belongings as possible and they will work quickly to return you to your home as quickly as possible. It is recommended to go through your homeowners insurance company for reliable fire restoration contractors as there often times are “fire chasers” that pray on those who are most vulnerable.  If you choose to select a contractor on your own, make sure to do thorough investigation and reference checks. Also, verify all licenses and insurance are up to date and there are no mechanic’s liens on their business.

Getting back to normal after a house fire is a long road but can be done with relative ease, with the right help.  If you find yourself needing the expertise of a license, insured fire restoration contractor, please contact S&S Construction Restoration, (760) 559-2667.


Winter Concrete Restoration | Concrete Foundation Repair | Concrete Repair

winter-concrete-damage-high-desertWith winter coming, it is more important than ever to make sure all of the concrete at your home is in a good state of repair. After all, you don’t want someone to fall and hurt themselves because your concrete steps or sidewalk is in bad shape. Not only is it a liability, but it is a preventable accident that doesn’t have to happen. And if your concrete sidewalk is sloping toward your house, that could also give melting snow and ice a clear path to your home’s foundation, which could then lead to problems like flooding and cracks to your home’s foundation. S&S Construction Restoration specializes in residential concrete in Victorville and the surrounding areas, and we can think of several types of common repairs we do to residential concrete this time of year.

Repairs to residential concrete this time of year range from smaller ones, like repairing cracks in the concrete using sealer. We can also help with bigger problems, like gaps between where your residential concrete meets brick or a similar type of material. These gaps should be sealed so no one inadvertently steps in them and gets a foot stuck (depending on how big the seam is) or simply trips where the concrete should be but is missing. This is especially important if there is already ice on the concrete, which presents a slipping hazard in and of itself.

If your residential concrete steps or sidewalk is in really bad shape, you should definitely call us as soon as possible to get them fully replaced. You don’t want to be walking in or out of your home this winter, step on them and have them give away, especially if the weather outside is particularly snowy and cold. And you definitely don’t want a family member or anyone else to fall and hurt themselves on your concrete steps or sidewalk either.

Even if your residential concrete sidewalks or steps are still in good shape, keep in mind that you should never use de-icer that contains salt on them. A de-icer like that will cause the ice to melt, but the water can get into your concrete seams and then refreeze. The expanding and contracting water will cause your concrete to crack and break, which could then present a new hazard during the winter or the following spring.

If you would like more information on residential concrete in the high desert, call S&S Construction Restoration at 760-559-2667 or contact us to set up a Free Estimate.

Concrete Driveway Contractor | Concrete Driveway Installation | Concrete Contractor Victorville

download (4)Concrete Driveway Contractor

Concrete driveways offer durability and curb appeal but require a skilled and qualified contractor.  This is why its of the utmost importance to do your research and ultimately hire the right concrete contractor for your job.  These following recommendation will assist you in selecting the best concrete contractor for your home.

  • Get a quote.  Most contractors can and probably will, provide you a quote over the telephone, sight unseen. However, how can they expect to provide an accurate estimate if they haven’t measured the job? Make sure they come to your home to see exactly what is entailed, the size of the area and the architectural style of your home.
  • Concrete can crack. Most qualified concrete contractors understand why concrete cracks and the role of control joints to help prevent these cracks.  Control joints allow the material to flex without breaking.
  • Discuss the driveway installation. Concrete driveway installation isn’t as simple as pouring concrete and letting it dry.  Compacting the soil is a vital part of the process and a qualified contractor will understand this step.
  • Talk about potential problems.  Discuss with your contractor, what the plan will be if any problems arise. Specifically ask how they handled any follow-up work to correct any problems.  You could ask for references, which is usually a good idea.  However, chances are that the contractor is going to give you the best customers as references so you need to be careful.

S&S Construction and Restoration is your full-service qualified concrete contractorContact us today for a free no-obligation estimate, S&S Construction Restoration, 760.559.2667

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S&S ConstructionBBB Tip: Hiring a Contractor

Whether you’re doing a complete home renovation or just remodeling a bathroom, chances are you’re going to need to hire a contractor…which, can be a challenging task! The importance of hiring a qualified contractor and one who specializes in the area of construction that you’re planning, is critical to the success and outcome of the job.  For help in selecting the right contractor for the job, please read this article published by the Better Business Bureau. S&S Construction, your premier home improvement contractor in the high desert. 760.559.2667


Concrete Repair Contractor | Concrete Replacement Victorville | Concrete Repair High Desert

concrete_restoration_stained_s&s_construction_high_desert_victorville_hesperia_apple_valleyWhy Concrete Repair and Restoration Is Better than Replacing it…

Concrete is a long-lasting and durable material for building. Of course, like any other material, concrete is not perfect. There could be many different reasons you may need to deal with a crack or surface that is no longer level. But, instead of a complete replacement of your concrete, instead consider repair and restoration. Why? Because you will save time, energy and money.

Obviously, one of the most important benefits of repairing concrete flooring when compared to completely replacing it is that repairs are often quicker and less expensive. You do not have to use heavy machinery to rip out large amounts of concrete, prepare the surface again for new product, and install a completely new floor. This may include damage to surrounding areas – especially landscaping if you are attempting to replace an outdoor surface. Every step in that process takes time and money. A much more efficient way is to repair it.

Furthermore, many people think that the only way to add a custom style or color to their concrete surfaces is with a complete replacement. However, that is far from the case. You can still create a decorative design with concrete resurfacing because there are many colors and textures to choose from. If you prefer, you can make your concrete floor look like stone, tile or wood rather than installing those actual products.

When looking at your options, there are plenty of how-to books and online articles that will direct you in ways to repair or restore a concrete surface. However, unless you are an expert, it may be smarter to leave the job to a trusted professional. A quality concrete contractor will be able to diagnose the cause of your issues and can make sure to address them directly.

It is possible that your cracks could be the result of a larger issue below the surface of the floor. It is important to know if concrete repair and restoration is in fact the best way to handle your issues. Plus, using an experienced contractor will save you from making rookie mistakes that could result in another concrete repair or restoration project sooner rather than later.

Concrete is certainly durable and easy to maintain, but there are times it will need patch-ups. Instead of jumping into a time consuming and expensive replacement, consider concrete repair and restoration instead.